Experts Available: Affirmative Action

Director of Communications

The US district court in Massachusetts just handed down its decision in the case regarding alleged discrimination against Asian-Americans in Harvard's admissions process. The court ruled that Harvard had not discriminated against Asian-Americans in admissions, saying that the university had a right to choose a diverse class. If you're looking for experts on affirmative action and racial equality in schools, these professors are responsive and available for comment. Please contact them directly or reach out to Dominik Doemer to be connected.

University of Maryland, College Park

Expert on the Harvard case, race, diversity, and affirmative action

"Admissions is unpredictable. SFFA wants people to think that Harvard is discriminating when in reality, it's just that Harvard admits under 5% of students. Many strong students will be rejected, even with excellent grades and test scores."


Tufts University

Expert on Asian-American achievement, affirmative action

"I can comment on the issue of Asian American achievement, how students on the Harvard campus think about affirmative action, and how to think about the question of Asian American discrimination alongside affirmative action."