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Michael Roach

Clark Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship, Cornell University
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Roach's research investigates questions at the intersection of technology entrepreneurship and scientific labor markets, with implications for both management scholars and policy makers. Roach's research has one stream that examines the early careers of science and engineering PhDs, especially careers as early employees of technology startups. Roach also examines how U.S. immigration policies impact both startup hiring and the early career choices of foreign-born doctorates. Roach's research has another stream that investigates the commercialization of university research discoveries through startups and the composition of academic founding teams.

In the News

Opinion: "We Must Retain Foreign Ph.D.S to Keep America’s Innovation Advantage," Michael Roach (with John D. Skrentny), The Hill, August 19, 2020.
Opinion: "Big Tech’s Unfair Immigration Advantage," Michael Roach (with John D. Skrentny), WSJ, December 10, 2019.
Quoted by Dominic Basulto in "Hey Silicon Valley, Joiners Are Just As Important as Founders," The Washington Post, June 11, 2015.


"Why Foreign STEM PhDs Are Unlikely to Work for US Technology Startups " (with John D. Skrentny). PNAS (2018).

Shows that foreign PhDs apply to and receive job offers from technology startups at the same rate as US PhDs, but are less than half as likely to work in a startup.  Presents evidence that this discrepancy is not explained by foreign PhDs’ preferences for established firm jobs, risk tolerance, or preference for higher pay, suggesting that visa policies may deter foreign PhDs from working in startups.