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Nicolas Gutierrez III

Master of Science Candidate in Criminal Justice and Criminology, San Diego State University
Chapter Member: San Diego SSN
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About Nicolas

Gutierrez’s research focuses on the expansion of the police state, the criminalization of homelessness, and community mobilization in response to these actions. His current project examines how grassroots organizers work with unhoused neighbors to resist punitive governmental responses to homelessness, particularly encampment sweeps. As a Research Assistant at SDSU, Gutierrez has explored service-seeking behaviors of people experiencing homelessness, public perceptions of homeless-serving facilities, and the quality and quantity of public restrooms in San Diego County. He serves on the West Adams Neighborhood Council’s Homelessness committee, organizing local homeless-serving programs.


Understanding Community Acceptance of and Opposition to Homeless-Serving Facilities

  • Nicolas Gutierrez III


"Black Lives Experiencing Homelessness Matter: A Critical Conceptual Framework for Understanding How Policing Drives System Avoidance among Vulnerable Populations" (with Megan Welsh Carroll and Shawn Teresa Flanigan). Public Integrity (2022).

Discusses when people experiencing extreme poverty face apathy, disrespect, and discrimination from police—as our data show—the result is a reluctance to seek services and to engage with outreach when offered. Reinforces stereotypes of unhoused people as not “wanting” help or “choosing” to be homeless.