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Sandra Butler

Professor of Social Work and Director of the School of Social Work, University of Maine
Chapter Member: Maine SSN
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Butler has expertise in financial security programs (such as welfare), health and well being for LGBTQ+ older adults, and long term care workforce issues, especially home care workers. Overarching themes in Butler's writings include factors associated with financial insecurity across the lifespan, the importance of supporting low wage direct care workers, and issues related to successful aging for older LGBTQ+ individuals. Butler has worked closely with the non profit Maine Equal Justice over her 30 year career in Maine and she currently sits on the advisory board of Maine Center for Economic Policy.

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Interviewed in Interview on Mark Johnson Show WDEV FM 96.1 AM 550's The Mark Johnson Show, March 21, 2013.
Opinion: "Investing in Maine's Future: The Case for the Competitive Skills Scholarship Program," Sandra Butler (with Luisa S. Deprez and John Dorrer), Bangor Daily News, February 26, 2013.
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This article looks at the job experiences of home care workers with a particular focus on older women, who are frequently the carers of elder frail women.
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Explores factors related to turnover among home care workers – a group of workers who are very low paid, but essential to our long-term care system.
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Discusses the invisibility of the elder gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender population and the consequences of a marginalized status in terms of poor health and reduced health service access.
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Describes the positive experiences of participants of a state program (Parents as Scholars) in Maine which allows women on welfare to pursue higher education.
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