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CRT Ban Fuels Division, Stifles Conversation

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University of Wisconsin-Madison

Originally published as CRT Ban Fuels Division, Stifles Conversation, The Cap Times, November 25, 2021.

The Wisconsin state Assembly recently passed legislation to censor critical race theory. The CRT ban includes some of the following terms: equity, multiculturalism, patriarchy, social-emotional learning, racial justice, restorative justice and social justice. Many of the things outlawed have no direct relationship with CRT, which reveals one of the biggest problems underlying the CRT debate, both nationally and in our state: a lack of understanding of what it actually is, what it entails, as well as its role in K-12 classrooms.

We have seen a variety of attempts at understanding critical race theory. Some see the theory as blaming white people for the past, while others view it as brainwashing our kids. But these thoughts do not reflect what CRT is.