3 Experts Available for Timely Analysis on Potential Abortion Medication Ban

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Today the U.S. Supreme Court is expected to decide whether to allow state courts to ban a widely used and popular abortion pill -- which could have far-reaching consequences for the rest of the country.

For reporters looking for an expert on the implications of an abortion medication ban, the following university-based experts are available to provide commentary and analysis.

American University

Abrams teaches Torts, Family Law, Legislation, Gender and the Law, and Legal Research and Writing. Her scholarly research focuses on reproductive and birthing decision-making, gendered violence, and legal education pedagogy.

The University of Texas at Austin

Aiken's research focuses on the impacts of laws and policies restricting access to abortion, including how and why people self-manage their own abortions outside the formal health care setting. She is currently the lead investigator on Project SANA, a research project that examines self-managed abortion in the United States. 

University of California-San Francisco

Upadhyay's expertise is in abortion safety and access in the U.S., state-level abortion restrictions, and medication abortion. She is Principal Investigator of the California Home Abortion by Telehealth study which evaluates the safety, effectiveness, and acceptability of telehealth for medication abortion. She is also leading a trial on interest in a late period pill, using misoprostol alone.