Welcoming SSN's 1800th Member: Hanne Hoffmann

"I joined SSN to be part of a supportive group to help me navigate and successfully approach state representatives." - Hanne Hoffman, Michigan State University

SSN is excited to welcome Hanne Hoffmann, an Assistant Professor of Animal Science at Michigan State University, as the Scholars Strategy Network’s official 1800th member! 

After attending an SSN workshop at MSU on how to engage with state legislators, Hoffmann was inspired to take action. She followed the steps laid out in the workshop and wrote a powerful policy brief based on her research on how early school start times impact student well-being, detailing the severe sleep deprivation that teenagers can experience. This topic is particularly relevant in her home state of Michigan, where most high schools start before 8 am, meaning teens do not get the required 8-10 hours of sleep per night.

Average high school start times across the US

Hoffmann's brief served as her written contribution to join our network of scholars, and she hopes to utilize it to build relationships with legislators to address this important issue.

"SSN provides me with a network of experts who can help me successfully initiate and build relationships with state representatives, allowing me to provide the scientific basis for bills associated with my expertise," said Hoffman

Michigan State University

Hoffmann's research focuses on the interaction between sleep wake cycles impact on reproductive health, development and mental health. Overarching themes in Hoffmann's writings include infertility, development and pregnancy. Hoffmann is a strong advocate for women's health and works on improving management of women in labor.