Black Lives Matter Protests Explained by the Experts

Today marks the beginning of a second week of protests over police brutality, which started in response to the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis in late May. In response to the massive, nationwide unrest, politicians are starting to release policy proposals to address the concerns of protestors.

The following list of experts are available to provide commentary and analysis on the politics of race in the U.S., the criminal justice system, and the impact of the protests.

University of Iowa

Expert on the interplay between violence and resistance in black America; African Americans in the Midwest; the intersection between race, class, and gender; and the global history of racial violence.

Johns Hopkins University

Expert on policing, prisons, and the causes and consequences of large shifts in criminal justice policy and practice in the United States. She is also part of a research team that has collected perhaps the largest archive of policing narratives to date -- The Portals Policing Project.

Emory University

Expert on the politics of policing and mass incarceration, African American politics, the political engagement of nonprofit organization, and urban, state and local politics.

University of Richmond

Expert on race relations in the U.S., the growing diversity of the U.S. Black population, and cross-racial dialogues to build coalitions and allyship.

Pennsylvania State University-Main Campus

Expert on racial, ethnic, and gender group politics, voting behavior, and public opinion; the formation of social identity; and campaigns and elections.

Fordham University

Expert on racial health disparities, microaggressions, and trauma in young adults and justice-involved adolescents.

Washington University in St. Louis

Expert on the social determinants and consequences of population health and health disparities, with a particular focus on race/ethnicity, poverty, race-related stress, and the family. Her recent work examines the impact of mass incarceration on health.

Mount Holyoke College

Expert on philanthropy, diversity, and inclusion, and can speak to racial justice-centered philanthropy along with related topics such as consumer boycotts and supporting black-owned business.