Experts Available: Biden Administration Immigration Policy

Strategic Communications Associate

As the Biden-Harris Administration sets its agenda for its first one hundred days in office, Scholars Strategy Network has compiled a list of experts who are available to be contacted for commentary and analysis on new policy developments. Below are the scholars who can comment on immigration policy reform. 

You can connect with all researchers available to comment on the Administration's policy priorities here.

University of Kentucky

Bobadilla's research focuses on the history of the modern immigrants' rights movement. He is available to comment on immigration policy generally, family separation, reform efforts, nativism and xenophobia, and DREAMers.


"The Biden administration faces significant challenges when it comes to immigration, especially in undoing years of cruelty masquerading as policy. But with control of both the executive and legislative branches, Biden and his team also have an opportunity to finally push through meaningful immigration reform."

American University

Castañeda’s research compares Latino immigrants in the U.S. and Muslim immigrants in Europe. He is available to comment on immigration policy, the border wall, refugees, immigrant integration, and Hispanics and COVID.


“To delay changes in refugee and immigration policy because of unfounded fears of the country being overrun is to repeat the mistakes of Donald Trump. The Democrats have a great opportunity to remake immigration policy in a generous and enlightened way that benefits both immigrants and America.”

City University of New York

Law’s research focuses on the interaction between law, legal institutions, and politics. Her substantive areas of expertise are in U.S. immigration and constitutional law, policy, and history. She is available to comment on federal court appointments and US immigration policy.


"Following Trump’s carpet bombing of the immigration system, Biden faces a daunting task of rebuilding the immigration system. While some changes can be easily reversed, others pose huge logistical challenges such as how to manage the tens of thousands of migrants
waiting in Mexico for their asylum court date. It’s easier to destroy than to build."

University of California, San Diego

Wong's research focuses on the politics of immigration, citizenship, and migrant "illegality." He is available to comment on DACA, legalization, border and asylum policies, and ICE reform.


“The Biden-Harris administration has the weight of the immigration advocacy space on its shoulders. Trump made immigration a signature issue and dramatically reshaped our immigration system. The Biden/Harris administration is not only expected to pick up the pieces, but to create a more inclusive immigration system.”