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As the Biden-Harris Administration sets its agenda for its first 100 days in office, Scholars Strategy Network has compiled a list of experts who are available to be contacted for commentary and analysis on the next stimulus package, the vaccine rollout, immigration reform, climate policy, and more. Below are scholars who can comment on these policy developments:

Stimulus Package

City University of New York

Gatta's research focuses on gender, workforce, education and aging policy. She is available to comment on minimum wage, retirement insecurity, women in the workforce, healthcare and other worker issues.


University of Colorado Denver

Horton researches how U.S. labor laws and immigration policies affect immigrant farmworkers. She is available to comment on the exclusion of undocumented immigrants and their citizen children from stimulus packages and the economic and social impact on immigrant families of having been excluded.

Rutgers University-Camden

Mazelis specializes in the study of urban poverty and social support, using qualitative interview methods to explore the meaning and understanding people have of their own situations. She is available to comment on housing insecurity and homelessness, poverty, food insecurity, student loan debt forgiveness, interest rates on loans, and loan repayment pause/freeze.

Southern University

Nelson's research interests include Black political leadership, Black women as political agents, and the Black experience throughout the Diaspora. She is available to comment on policies that will particularly effect Blacks in the following areas: higher-education, racial wealth gap, voting rights, and housing.

COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout

University of California, Davis

Hicks' research focuses on public scientific controversies, and especially the relationship between the public and experts in environmental policy. He is available to comment on science policy, especially public scientific controversies, including vaccine hesitancy.

San Diego State University

Sobo's research focuses on complementary and alternative approaches to (pediatric) health, the challenges such approaches pose to mainstream medicine, and the ways mainstream medicine work with as well as against them. She is available to comment on pediatric vaccination and public health efforts related to COVID-19, both in regard to underserved communities and in regard to conspiracy theories that are thwarting effective clamp down on the pandemic.

Emory University

While Woodruff has a great interest in public policy, his formal training is as an immunology bench researcher specializing in vaccination response. He is available to comment on potential impacts of choosing not to follow protocols (two doses separated by three weeks) from an immunology perspective, and how those decisions should be weighed (and who should be weighing them).

Immigration Policy

University of Kentucky

Bobadilla's research focuses on the history of the modern immigrants' rights movement. He is available to comment on immigration policy generally, family separation, reform efforts, nativism and xenophobia, and DREAMers.

American University

Castañeda’s research compares Latino immigrants in the U.S. and Muslim immigrants in Europe. He is available to comment on immigration policy, the border wall, refugees, immigrant integration, and Hispanics and COVID.

City University of New York

Law’s research focuses on the interaction between law, legal institutions, and politics. Her substantive areas of expertise are in U.S. immigration and constitutional law, policy, and history. She is available to comment on federal court appointments and US immigration policy.

University of California, San Diego

Wong's research focuses on the politics of immigration, citizenship, and migrant "illegality." He is available to comment on DACA, legalization, border and asylum policies, and ICE reform.

Student Debt Forgiveness

University of California, Merced

Eaton's research investigates the roles of organizations in the interplay between economic elites and disadvantaged social groups. He is available to comment on student debt relief, financial market regulation (especially regarding private equity), and tax compliance reform.

Georgetown University

Harnisch's research focuses on state and federal higher education policy, including issues related to finance, student success, and quality. He is available to comment on Biden-Harris education policy, including student debt forgiveness.

Climate Policy

University of Utah

Cantwell's research focuses on human security, which includes issues of gender and violence, environmental security, and cyber security. She is available to comment on local climate governance policy, climate risks to national security, environmental ethics issues, and coordination between national and subnational climate actors (both domestically and internationally).

University of Maryland

Fisher focuses on understanding the relationship between environmentalism and democracy - most recently by studying American climate politics, social protest, activism, and environmental stewardship. She is available to comment on the overall climate and energy trajectory of the new administration, as well as US participation in the international climate regime.

Syracuse University

Huber's teaching and research focus on the politics of energy and climate change. He is available to comment on energy and climate policy in the new administration. 

North Carolina State University

Robinson's research focuses on the atmospheric fluid dynamics as it relates to variability and change in Earth's climate system. He is available to comment on climate policy and energy policy as impacts climate.

Loyola University of Chicago

Schusler's research focuses on community participation and stakeholder engagement in environmental management. She is available to comment on intersections between climate policy and any of the following: jobs creation, risk reduction, public health, environmental justice, ecosystem health, climate change mitigation, or climate change adaptation.

University of California, Santa Barbara

Stokes researches public policy and environmental politics, with a focus on environmental and energy policies in the United States and Canada. She is available to comment on energy, climate and environmental politics, climate change, renewable energy, water and chemicals policy.

University of California, Santa Barbara

Mildenberger's research focuses on climate policy inaction in the face of dramatic economic and social costs associated with the climate crisis. He is available to comment on energy policy, climate policy, Congressional legislative debates over environment, and global climate negotiations.

Infrastructure Plan

Hamilton College

Cannavò is an environmental political theorist focused on how our conceptions of and relationships with the natural world, including how we organize our spatial surroundings into coherent, meaningful places, impact on our fundamental understandings of politics and community. He is available to comment on the environmental/climate justice aspects, the urban/land use planning aspects, and the holistic nature of the Biden-Harris infrastructure plan.

Georgia State University

Dantzler's research examines how and why neighborhoods change and how communities and policymakers create and react to those changes. He is available to comment on poverty, housing policy, transportation, and racial justice.

Purdue University

Flachs' research focuses on the sociocultural and socioecological aspects of local and global agriculture systems. He is available to comment on agriculture and conservation as well as environmental justice.

University of Texas at Austin

Moore's research focuses on sustainability of the built environment (at the scale of architecture, the city, and region) as well as energy efficiency, technological change, social equity and environmental resilience. He is available to comment on infrastructure; sustainable urbanism, technology, and architecture; building renovation or upgrading; community design and planning; and smart cities.

University of Missouri-St. Louis

Painter’s research is primarily centers around transportation and technology, including public transit, transportation network companies (TNCs), and transportation planning. She is available to comment on Biden's transportation policy, especially within urban systems.