Matthew Woodruff

Postoctoral Research Fellow, Vaccine Research Center, Emory University
Chapter Member: Georgia SSN
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While Woodruff has a great interest in public policy, his formal training is as an immunology bench researcher specializing in vaccination response. Immune responses to vaccination are highly complex, but follow a strict set of rules that guide the development of a protective immune response. His research seeks to understand those rules in detail, and apply that understanding to the development of increasingly effective vaccines in the future.

In addition to bench research, Woodruff has been involved in a number of scientific outreach efforts attempting to direct high-level scientific knowledge towards a lay-audience. Recently, this interest in scientific outreach has led to an interest, and subsequent involvement in vaccine policy debate. 

In the News

"An Autoimmune-Like Antibody Response Is Linked With Severe COVID-19 ," Matthew Woodruff, The Conversation, October 8, 2020.


"Modeling Lymph Flow and Fluid Exchange with Blood Vessels in Lymph Nodes" (with Mohammad Jafarnejad, David C. Zawieja, Michael C. Carroll, J.E. Moore, and Jr.). Lymphatic Research and Biology 13, no. 4 (2015): 234-247.

Describes and tries to quantify the fluid exchange that occurs between the blood and lymphatic systems within the lymph node.

"B Cell Homeostasis and Follicle Confines are Governed by Fibroblastic Reticular Cells" (with Viviana Cremasco, Lucas Onder, Jovana Cupovic, Janice M. Nieves-Bonilla, Frank A. Schildberg, Jonathan Chang, Floriana Cremasco, Christopher J. Harvey, Kai Wucherpfennig, Burkhard Ludewig, Michael C. Carroll, and Shannon J. Turley). 15, no. 10 (2014): 973-981.

Identifies a subset of cells within the lymph node that are critical in supporting the development of antibody responses to vaccination.

"Trans-Nodal Migration of Resident Dendritic Cells into Medullary Interfollicular Regions Initiates Immunity to Influenza Vaccine" (with Balthasar A. Heesters, Caroline N. Herndon, Joanna R. Groom, Paul G. Thomas, Andrew D. Luster, Shannon J. Turley, and Michael C. Carroll). Journal of Experimental Medicine 211, no. 8 (2014): 1611-1621.

Describes some described some of the earliest immune-cell dynamics that initiate the immune response to influenza vaccination.