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Jonathan Grubb on Cross-National Domestic Violence Research

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Georgia SSN is comprised of members from different universities across the state. Georgia SSNers contribute meaningful policy research on a variety of topics, from women in legislatures to energy policy to international relations. This chapter was founded in early 2013.

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Guest to discuss patterns of political polarization on The Democracy Test, Jennifer L. McCoy, October 7, 2018.
"Venezuela Elections 2018: Evaluating Electoral Conditions in an Authoritarian Regime," Jennifer L. McCoy (with Griselda Colina), London School of Economics and Political Science, May 18, 2018.
"Don’t Alter School Calendar to Increase Pool of Summer Workers," T. Jameson Brewer, myAJC, October 14, 2018.
"The Balfour Declaration, A Hundred Years On," Jonathan Schneer, Foreign Affairs, November 2, 2017.

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