Scholar Spotlight: Amy Fried

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This week's Scholar Spotlight is Amy Fried, who recently won the Career Recognition Award from the University of Maine's Rising Tide Center. The center, which seeks to advance gender equity at the univeristy, presents this award to female faculty members who have been inspirational mentors and role models in their careers. Active in her research communities, Amy leads the Maine Policy Scholarship Program at the Univerisity of Maine, and she is the SSN Maine Chapter Leader.

Scholar Spotlight

University of Maine

Fried teaches and writes about citizens’ political involvements and values, and is currently examining how conservatives promoted distrust in government in the Tea Party age. Several works examine how polling developed and analyze their uses in U.S. politics and society. Fried is a member of the advisory committee for the Maine Community Foundation’s Policy Scholars Program, and works with students researching state-level public policy. As Rising Tide Policy Advocate, a position supported by a National Science Foundation grant, Fried focuses on changing and implementing University of Maine policies on career-life balance and fair and appropriate evaluation.