Scholar Spotlight: Brandi Blessett

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This week's spotlight shines on Brandi Blessett, who recently received the Gloria Hobson Nordin Social Equity Award of the American Society for Public Administration. An associate professor at the University of Cincinnati and a member of the Section on Democracy and Social Justice APSA, Brandi's research focuses on social justice and how the criminal justice system affects communities of color. The Gloria Hobson Nordin Social Equity Award recognizes someone based on the impact, consistency, and duration of her commitment to social equity. Congratulations on this recognition!

Scholar Spotlight

University of Cincinnati

Blessett’s research examines the role of public administrators as either facilitators or inhibitors of fairness, equity, and justice for historically marginalized groups. More specifically, her research focuses on administrative responsibility, cultural competence, social equity, reentry, and disenfranchisement. She is a Center for Accountability and Performance Fellow; serves on the editorial board for Public Integrity; and is the Program Evaluator for ReNew Camden, a Federal Reentry Program that seeks to help formerly incarcerated persons successfully reintegrate back into society.