Scholar Spotlight: Caitlyn Collins

This week's spotlight shines on Caitlyn Collins, whose new book about working mothers in America has caught the attention of the media. In “Making Motherhood Work: How Women Manage Careers and Caregiving," Caitlyn discusses what she learned from 135 interviews with working moms in America and abroad - the struggles of these women, the stigma they face, and the policies that shape their family life. Recently, Caitlyn published a New York Times OpEd about her research, and she has been a guest on WBUR's On Point and St. Louis On the Air.

Scholar Spotlight

Washington University in St Louis
Caitlyn Collins

Collins researches gender dynamics at work and in family life, and is interested in the role of social policy in reducing gender, race, and class inequalities. Her current research explores the experiences of working mothers in different western countries, and the role of work-family policies in shaping the barriers and opportunities women face while working and raising children. She is a member of the Work and Family Researchers Network, Sociologists for Women in Society, and the Council for Contemporary Families—national organizations that advocate for American women and their families.