Scholar Spotlight: Jennifer Greenfield

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This week's spotlight shines on Jennifer Greenfield for her work surrounding Colorado's Family and Medical Leave Insurance (FAMLI) program. Jennifer and her University of Denver colleagues Nancy Reichman, Paula Cole, and Hannah Galgiani published new research detailing what comprehensive paid family and medical leave would look like in Colorado. Jennifer wrote an OpEd in the Colorado Sun, and their work was also discussed in Nancy's OpEd in The Hill. 

Scholar Spotlight

University of Denver

Greenfield's research focuses on the intersections of health and wealth disparities across the life course, especially through the mechanism of family care work. Through her research, Greenfield seeks to identify and test policy interventions that best support families as they balance work and caregiving. She also collaborates on projects related to economic security across the life course, the health and mental health effects of productive engagement in later life, and analysis of public policy initiatives related to health care access and economic security in Colorado. Greenfield regularly contributes to policymaking processes through testimony in state legislatures, published op-eds, and regular communication with policymakers at the state and federal levels.