Scholar Spotlight on Kerri Raissian

This week's Scholar Spotlight highlights Kerri Raissian, who organized the “Correlates, Causes, and Solutions for Firearm Violence in America” Conference held at the University of Connecticut last month. The conference, which investigated evidence-based solutions to gun violence in America, addressed themes including social movement organizing, community-level factors, and prevention policies and strategies. Kerri, an Assistant Professor of Public Policy at UConn and one of Connecticut SSN’s chapter leaders, was then invited to participate in a Legislative Forum on Gun Safety and Public Health. Watch a video summarizing the conference here, and also make sure to check out Kerri’s insightful testimony here starting at 1:18:32. Please congratulate Kerri on her excellent work!

Scholar Spotlight

University of Connecticut

Kerri Raissian's research focuses on the role of policy in promoting healthy children and families. Overarching themes in her work include the effect of policy on family violence and child well-being, evaluating the role of health insurance and select interventions, and understanding the role of policy in family composition and fertility decisions.