Kate Cruz

PhD Candidate in Public Affairs, Rutgers University-Camden
Chapter Fellow, New Jersey SSN

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Cruz is a PhD Candidate in Public Affairs at Rutgers University–Camden. Cruz's research focuses on critical environmental justice, land tenure and race and resistance. Overarching themes in Cruz's writings are exploring trauma and restoration in urban agriculture in the Philadelphia Region. In addition, Cruz is an Adjunct Professor at Eastern University in the Sociology Department teaching courses related to social stratification, inequality, and social justice.


"“I Live Both Lives”: Exploring Double Consciousness in Resident-Students at an Engaged Institution" (with Thomas A. Dahan, Anetha Perry, Brian Hammell, and Stephen Danley). Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning 25, no. 2 (Summer 2019).

Finds resident-students experience double consciousness as they navigate civic engagement in a racaialized city at a predominately white institution.