Media and Communications Trainings

Communicate your research - no jargon required.

The SSN Communications Team offers three types of trainings that help scholars pick up and hone media skills. These trainings combine presentations from experienced SSN staff with interactive learning. Each training requires approximately 2 hours, though they can be extended and customized based on specific preferences and needs.


Op-Ed Writing

The op-ed workshop is a hands-on training for scholars who want to learn how to write and pitch compelling, research-based op-eds. Participants will learn how to craft a good lede, identify and incorporate timely news hooks, signal the author’s unique and relevant expertise, increase the likelihood of publication, and structure an op-ed for maximum impact. Participants will also have the opportunity to workshop specific ideas with SSN staff and fellow participants.


Media Interviews and Relationship Building

This workshop is perfect for scholars who are looking to do more media work and need advice on how to prepare for interviews and build relationships with members of the media. Participants will learn how to respond when a journalist calls, communicate their research in a clear and effective manner, identify what reporters are looking for in interviews with scholars, maintain media relationships, and build on previous media work. 


On-Camera Interviews

The on-camera interview workshop prepares participants for the often nerve-wracking experience of live or pre-recorded TV interviews. Participants will learn how to prepare for TV interviews, dress and hold themselves in front of a camera, pivot back to their point, and communicate their research in a clear and compelling manner. For the majority of the workshop, participants practice these skills during simulated on-camera interviews, followed by specific, customized feedback.

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