Scholar Spotlight: Christopher Uggen

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This week's spotlight shines on Christopher Uggen, a criminologist whose research on felony disenfranchisement contributed to Florida's vote to restore felon voting rights in this week's election. 1.4 million ex-offenders will now have the right to vote as a result of the state's Proposition 4. Check out this piece in Quartz for Christopher's predictions of how these new voters will affect the future of Florida's elections and his SSN brief on voting rights for formerly incarcerated individuals.

Scholar Spotlight

Distinguished McKnight Professor and Chair, Department of Sociology

Uggen studies crime, law, and deviance, and is best known for two lines of research: (1) employment and crime; and (2) felon voting restrictions. Uggen’s research interests include punishment and reentry, harassment and discrimination, citizenship and exclusion, and, most recently, health inequalities. With Doug Hartmann, he edits and publishes The Society Pages, which aims to bring social science to broader public visibility and influence. Uggen also does legislative testimony and expert witness work on justice issues, and has served on the Minnesota Department of Corrections Human Subjects Committee.