Episode 208

On The Abortion Front Line

December 15, 2020
University of California-Los Angeles

Over the last couple of years, states have passed increasingly restrictive laws in an effort to reduce access to abortion. And this year, the Supreme Court is deciding on new cases that could validate some of the harshest laws, potentially opening the door for an end to Roe v. Wade. But at the forefront of this fight over abortion access are providers few people know about: independent abortion clinics. PhD candidate Amy Alterman explains what exactly these independent clinics are, how they are affected by anti-abortion stigma, and how comedians are helping to lift up and support their work. 



For more on this topic
  • Check out Abortion Access Front, the comedy group mentioned in the episode
  • Find your independent abortion clinic at the Abortion Care Network
  • Find your local abortion fund at the National Network of Abortion Funds

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