Alessandra Rosa

Alessandra Rosa

Postdoctoral Scholar in Anthropology and Sociology, University of South Florida

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Rosa’s research focuses on social movements, education, media, spaces of resistance, and discourses with a focus on student activism and Internet activism. Overarching themes in Rosa’s writing include resistance performances, emotions, alternative media, citizen journalism, among others. She mainly centers her work in social justice movements from Latin America and the Caribbean. Currently, she is exploring the trauma experienced after a “natural” disaster, such as a hurricane. Her work has been published in academic journals including the International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy, Sargasso, Teoría y Praxis Investigativa, as well as electronic journals, including Mobilizing Ideas. Recently, she published a chapter in the book Practices of Resistance: Narratives, Politics, and Aesthetics across the Caribbean.


Understanding Puerto Rican Voting in the United States

  • Juan Arroyo-Flores
  • Elizabeth Aranda

In the News

"Cantos y Consignas: (Re)constructing Spaces of Resistance," Alessandra Rosa, Mobilizing Ideas, June 3, 2013.


"Una Universidad Tomada: Resistance Performances during the First Wave of the 2010-2011 University of Puerto Rico Student Movement" in Practices of Resistance in the Caribbean: Narratives, Aesthetics, and Politics, edited by Wiebke Beushausen,‎ Miriam Brandel,‎ Joseph T. Farquharson,‎ Marius Littschwager,‎ Annika McPherson, &‎ Julia Roth (Routledge, 2018), 169-193.

Describes the 2010-2011 student strike at University of Puerto Rico (UPR) campuses. Illustrates their usage of alternative media and how alternative and traditional media representations can influence activist collective identity.

"Student Activists’ Affective Strategies during the 2010-2011 Siege of the University of Puerto Rico" International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy 36, no. 11 (2016): 824-842.

Examines later stages of the 2010-2011 student strike at the University of Puerto Rico (UPR). Focuses on the emotional narratives that emerged through student tactics and encounters with police.

"smArt Action: ¡a Estudiar y a Luchar!" (with Tina Orlandini and Stephan Andreas). ARC Magazine, no. 7 (May 2013): 112-117.

Highlights an exhibit showcasing art and expression of University of Puerto Rico students during their 2010-2011 strike.

"Student Activism: (re)Constructing Spaces of Resistance" Sargasso: Public Education: Crisis and Dialogue at the University of Puerto Rico 1 (2013): 73-76.

Examines how students during the 2010-2011 student strike at the University of Puerto Rico (UPR) used citizen journalism and alternative media to construct their own spaces of resistance, in contrast to the administration's investment in traditional media advertising.