Amanda Bertana

Assistant Professor of Sociology, Southern Connecticut State University

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About Amanda

Bertana’s research focuses on how relocation can be implemented as an adaptation to the impacts of climate change. Her recent work draws on ethnographic fieldwork from three communities in Fiji that have been identified by the Fiji government as vulnerable to coastal erosion. This research examined how a community experienced and managed relocation as an adaptation to ecological degradation.


In the News

Opinion: "We Can Prevent Runaway Climate Change — If We Follow Scientific Evidence," Amanda Bertana, Bangor Daily News, October 23, 2018.


"Religious Explanations for Environmental Degradation in Narikoso, Fiji" Understanding Climate Change through Religious Lifeworlds (forthcoming).

Examines how Narikoso residents interpreted rising sea levels according to a secular narrative of climate change alongside religious doctrines of Noah's Ark and what impacts these interpretations had for adaptation efforts.

"Adaptation to Sea-Level Rise: Valuable Lessons from the Narikoso Village Relocation Project in Fiji" Case Studies in the Environment (2019).

Uses Narikoso as a case study to provide insight into political and cultural obstacles associated with community relocation efforts in Fiji.

"The Sociology of Greenhouse Gas Emissions: A Brief Overview" (with Andrew K. Jorgenson). Rural Connections 7, no. 2 (2013): 15-18.

Provides a brief overview of the human dimensions of greenhouse gas emissions.