Angela Bruns

Assistant Professor of Sociology and Criminology, Gonzaga University
Chapter Member: Washington SSN

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Bruns' research investigate the consequences of social and structural inequality for women and their families. Her current projects examine the impact of family member incarceration on women's economic well-being and health, how the conditions of low-wage jobs influence work-family balance, and the impact of multiple job holding on maternal and child well-being.



"The Consequences of Partner Incarceration for Women's Employment" Journal of Marriage and Family (forthcoming).

Shows that, on average, women's hours of work were not significantly impacted by the incarceration of their partners. Reveals that there was a positive relationship between partner incarceration and employment among more advantaged groups of women (e.g. married women, White women).

"Educational and Racial Variation in Women’s Transitions into and out of Single Motherhood," Master of Arts thesis, University of Washington, May 31, 2013.
Investigates women’s chances of being a single mother and how those chances vary by race and educational attainment. The study also examines women’s transitions out of single motherhood to marriage, and presumably to the benefits of marriage, and to cohabitation, an increasingly popular but less advantaged family form.