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Barrett Montgomery

PhD Student in Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Michigan State University
Chapter Member: Michigan SSN
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Montgomery's research focuses on the environmental influences on mental health and substance use, how to measure these effects, and how they affect our most vulnerable populations. Montgomery's overarching themes in writings include the translations of these findings to policy by integrating health and economic impacts, and policy itself as a mutable component of these environments. Montgomery serves as a researcher for the Flint Center for Health Equity Solutions in Flint, MI and as a consultant for the Medications Outcomes Center in San Francisco, CA.


"The Other Side of the Broken Window: A Methodology That Translates Building Permits Into an Ecometric of Investment by Community Members" (with Daniel Tumminelli O’Brien). American Journal of Community Psychology 55, no. 1 (2014): 25-36.

Presents a methodology that translates a database of approved building permits into an ecometric of investment by community members, establishing basic content, criteria for reliability, and construct validity.

"Estimated Effect of US State Syringe Sale Policy on Source of Last-Used Injection Equipment" (with Patrick Janulis and James C. Anthony). International Journal of Drug Policy 76 (2016).

Estimates the differences in safe and unsafe syringe access for people who inject drugs between states with restricted and unrestricted access policies. Shows in states with unrestricted syringe sale policies, people who inject drugs were more likely to have obtained their most recently used syringe from a safe source.

"Evidence-Based Intervention Sustainability Strategies: A Systematic Review" (with Maji Hailemariam, Tatiana Bustos, Rolando Barajas, Luther B. Evans, and Amy Drahota ). Implementation Science 57 (2019).

Summarizes the existing evidence supporting discrete sustainment strategies for public health EBIs and facilitating and hindering factors of sustainment.