Benjamin Blankenship

Benjamin T. Blankenship

Assistant Professor of Psychology, James Madison University
Chapter Leader: Virginia SSN
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Blankenship's research focuses on the role of identity and stereotypes ion the political engagement, belonging, and well-being of marginalized groups, specifically focusing on groups with concealable identities. Blankenship's scholarship has asked such questions as: "How do our social identities affect what social/political institutions we trust?," "How do people's feelings about their identities affect their political engagement?," and "How can we broaden the scope of what we think of as political activism and engagement?"


"Privilege and Marginality: How Group Identification and Personality Predict Right- and Left-Wing Political Activism" (with Jennifer K. Frederick, Ozge Savas, Abigail J. Stewart, and Samantha Montgomery). Analyses of Social Issues and Public Policy 17, no. 1 (2017): 161-183.

Examines the relationship between social identities, personality, and political activism.