Chandra Russo

Chandra Russo

Assistant Professor of Sociology, Colgate University

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Russo's research focuses on U.S.-based grassroots activism for peace, racial justice, and transnational solidarity. Overarching themes in Russo's writing include solidarity activism, the embodiment of protest, and long-term, high risk tactics in contesting U.S. torture, militarism and immigration policies. Russo spent several years working in immigrant rights organizations in New York, Mexico and Colorado before becoming a researcher.


"Allies Forging Collective Identity: Embodiment and Emotions on the Migrant Trail" Mobilization: An International Journal 19, no. 1 (2014): 67-82.

Contributes to an understanding of collective identity formation among allies. Offers an illustrative case for the important role embodiment plays in the emotions of collective action.

"Solidarity in Practice: Moral Protest and the US Security State" (Cambridge University Press, 2018).

Examines how justice-seeking solidarity drives activist communities contesting US torture, militarism and immigration policies.

"Witness against Torture, Guantánamo, and Solidarity as Resistance" Race & Class 58, no. 2 (2016): 4-22.

Explores what it means to refuse the solidarity that detention camps require from the public through an ethnographic examination of Witness against Torture (WAT), a group of U.S. citizens enacting solidarity with the men detained at Guantánamo.