Darrell M. West

Vice President and Director of Governance Studies, Director of the Center for Technology Innovation, and Holder of the Douglas Dillon Chair in Governance Studies, Brookings Institution
Areas of Expertise:
  • Media & Public Opinion
  • Public Sector Reforms
  • Revitalizing U.S. Democracy
  • School Reform
  • Public Budgets & Taxes
  • Science & Technology

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West’s areas of expertise include governance, technology innovation, and policymaking in the United States. He is especially interested in the role of money in politics and how technology affects public policymaking. He examines ways to strengthen democratic politics in the United States and how to improve public participation in and understanding of American politics.



Air Wars: Television Advertising in Election Campaigns (Congressional Quarterly Press, 1993).
Looks at the role of paid advertising in election campaigns, both from a historical standpoint and the impact on contemporary politics.
Cross Talk: Citizens, Candidates, and the Media in a Presidential Campaign (with Marion Just, Ann Crigler, Dean Alger, Tim Cook, and Montague Kern) (University of Chicago Press, 1996).
Takes an in-depth look at the 1992 presidential campaign and how free and paid media affected democratic politics and vote choice. Winner of the Doris Graber best book award.
Digital Government: Technology and Public Sector Performance (Princeton University Press, 2005).
Studies how digital technology is improving public sector performance and affecting citizen engagement with government. Winner of the Don K. Price best book award.
Digital Schools: How Technology Can Transform Education (Brookings Institution Press, 2012).
Looks at how digital technology is affecting the educational process and whether it has the potential to transform the manner in which K-12 and college students learn.
"Mobile Learning: Transforming Education, Engaging Students, and Improving Outcomes," Brookings Institution, August 31, 2013.
Examines ways that mobile devices with cellular connectivity improve learning and engage students and teachers inside and outside of schools.
"Nudging News Producers and Consumers toward More Thoughtful, Less Polarized Discourse," (with Beth Stone), Brookings Institution, January 31, 2014.
Reviews challenges facing the news media in an age of political polarization, including hyper-competitiveness in news coverage, a dramatic decline in local journalism and resulting nationalization of the news, and the personalization of coverage.
Billionaires: Reflections on the Upper Crust (Brookings Institution Press, 2014).
Looks at the political impact of the super-wealthy, both in the United States and around the world, and examines how tycoons are pioneering more activist forms of electioneering and philanthropy.

In the News

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