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David Robert Foster

PhD Candidate in Political Science, University of California-Berkeley
Chapter Member: Bay Area SSN
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Foster's research focuses on the U.S. presidency, ideology, parties, and local government. Overarching themes in Foster's writings include the importance of organized interests and levels of government in producing policy outcomes. Foster is interested in connecting with local and state policymakers to implement new solutions to the problem of "NIMBY" voters, who oppose housing development.


How to Increase Housing Development While Maintaining Local Control

  • Joseph B. Warren


"Why Does Local Control Constrain the Housing Supply?," (with Joseph B. Warren), January 20, 2019.

Finds the problem of NIMBYism can be solved by enabling contracting between developers and local residents. Finds replacing multiple approval stages with a referendum process and ability of residents to contract with developers is preferable to a state takeover of land use policy.