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Dionne Sills Busio

Professor of Child and Family Studies, Appalachian State University
Chapter Member: North Carolina SSN
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About Dionne

Busio’s research focuses on pedagogical documentation, teacher preparation, inclusion, and collaboration. Overarching themes in Busio’s writing includes preparing early educators to meet the needs of a diverse population of children and families through reflection and exploration of authentic engagement techniques.  Busio serves as chairperson or committee member of several early education organizations including the New Arrivals Institute and the Piedmont Forrest School.

In the News

Opinion: "Perspective | Essential but Unrecognized: More Than Money Needed for Early Care and Education Industry," Dionne Sills Busio (with Sheresa Boone Blanchard, Lydia Mann, Tammy Barron, Fain Barker, and Chia Jung Lee), EdNC, April 28, 2021.


"Early Educators’ Perspective and Experience Using Pedagogical Documentation To Support Individualizing for Children With Disabilities in Inclusive Settings" Journal of Early Childhood Teacher Education (2021).

Examines four early educators’ experiences in implementing pedagogical documentation. Credits participants pedagogical documentation with facilitating changes to their teaching practices and to how they individualized and included four children with disabilities.

"Parent–Professional Partnerships in Early Education: Relationships for Effective Inclusion of Students with Disabilities" Journal of Early Childhood Teacher Education 36, no. 4 (2015): 309-323.

Shares the perspectives of 13 parents and childcare providers about their participation in an in-service training guided by the Partnerships in Early Education: Relationships with Supports model, which was designed to promote inclusive practices in EC settings.