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Dustin Joshua Souders

Assistant Professor of Cognitive Psychology, Clemson University
Chapter Member: South Carolina SSN
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Souders' research focuses on aging, human factors, and advanced vehicle technologies. Overarching themes in Souders' writings include older adult mobility and travel safety, advanced vehicle technologies such as advanced driver assistance systems and autonomous vehicles, and inclusive design.


Why Questions about Automated Vehicles Must be Addressed Now

  • Rosalee A. Clawson


"Valuation of Active Blind Spot Detection Systems by Younger and Older Adults" (with Ryan Best and Neil Charness). Accident Analysis & Prevention 106 (September 2017): 505-514.

Investigates older and younger adults' valuation of a blind spot detection system and willingness to use other advanced driver assistance systems. Finds that older adults valued the blind spot detection system almost twice as much as younger adults, that income was not related to valuations or willingness to use other advanced driver assistance systems, and that willingness to use other advanced driver assistance systems was predicted by age, familiarity, and other visual factors.

"Challenges of Older Drivers’ Adoption of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and Autonomous Vehicles," (with Neil Charness), International Conference on Human Aspects of IT for the Aged Population, June 21, 2016.

Investigates the challenges of older adults' adoption of advanced driver assistance systems and autonomous vehicles and provided guidance on how to best increase familiarity and trust in these systems to ensure their adoption and safe usage.

"Older Adults as Cutaway Bus Passengers: User-Centered Literature Review" (with Bronislaw Gepner, Neil Charness, and Jerry Wekezer). Transportation Research Record 2516 (2015): 27-34.

Conducts a user-centered literature review on how to make cutaway buses safer and more comfortable for older passengers.