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Ella Sheinfeld

Research Assistant, Rutgers University-New Brunswick
Chapter Member: Connecticut SSN

About Ella

Sheinfeld's research is in organizational behavior, focusing on the patterns of informal relationships that connect people in their personal or professional life. Specifically, Sheinfeld explores how people maintain or change their social preferences in the face of a change in their social environment or social embeddedness in organizational settings. Sheinfeld examines the effects of micro and meso foundations of social networks in the context of labor mobility, individuals’ motivation, and health care settings.


"Patterns and Determinants of Pain and Emotional Distress in Older Adults with Cancer: A Population Based Study" (with Amy J. Davidoff, Maureen Canavan, Shi-Yi Wang, Carolyn J. Presley, Shelli Feder, Jennifer Kapo, and Erin Kent). Journal of Clinical Oncology 36, no. 15 (2018).

Discusses the increasing concern about the adequacy of symptom management among older adults with cancer. Examines patterns of predictors of pain and emotional distress after a cancer diagnosis.