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Ella Sheinfeld

Yale Fox International Fellow 2017-2018 and Research Assistant & Data Analyst Intern, Yale University; and Master of Public Policy, Tel-Aviv University
Chapter Member: Connecticut SSN
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Sheinfeld's research focuses on health policy, specifically the development of outcome measures to quantify quality, value, and equity in health care and the effects of policies and regulations on health care costs in the United States.

Currently, Sheinfeld works at Yale Cancer Outcomes, Public Policy, and Effectiveness Research Center. She is conducting a population-based study in order to generate and disseminate new information that can improve the care and outcomes of patients with cancer. She also works as a research assistant at Yale School of Management. Using her training in demographic modeling from her undergraduate studies in Sociology, she works on a model of the demographic and denominational makeup of the U.S. Jewish community and its evolution over time to identify potential policy intervention targets.


"Patterns and Determinants of Pain and Emotional Distress in Older Adults with Cancer: A Population Based Study" (with Amy J. Davidoff, Maureen Canavan, Shi-Yi Wang, Carolyn J. Presley, Shelli Feder, Jennifer Kapo, and Erin Kent). Journal of Clinical Oncology 36, no. 15 (2018).

Discusses the increasing concern about the adequacy of symptom management among older adults with cancer. Examines patterns of predictors of pain and emotional distress after a cancer diagnosis.