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Eric Keller

Research Associate, University of Tennessee
Chapter Member: Tennessee SSN
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Keller’s research focus is on economic inequality and public institutions in the U.S.  This includes determining how public policy and the bureaucrats empowered to actualize them contribute to the current U.S. economic inequality. Keller is a U.S. Army Chaplain (Lieutenant Colonel) who retired in 2008 after 24 years of active duty.  His last assignment was at the Pentagon as the U.S. Army Chief of Chaplain’s Current/Future Operations Officer as well as the Chaplain Corps’ strategist from 2004-2008.  He then used the G.I Bill to earn a PhD from University of Tennessee in American Politics. 


Financial Deregulation, U.S. Party Politics, and Rising Income Inequality

    Nathan J. Kelly ,
  • Giovanny D. Pleites-Hernandez

In the News

"How Republicans and Democrats Enhanced Inequality by Undermining Financial Regulation ," Eric Keller (with Nathan J. Kelly), LSE American Politics & Policy Blog, July 8, 2015.


"Beginnings: The Army Chaplaincy and the War on Terror, 2001-2005" in Military Chaplains in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Beyond, edited by Eric Patterson (Rowman & Littlefield Press, 2014), 63-77.

Describes the doctrinal, policy, and operational changes that occurred after 9-11 in the U.S. Army Chaplaincy until 2005.  Analyzes the evolution of a wartime chaplaincy that required constant adaptations to the ground truth coming from the Iraqi/Afghanistan Wars to include the growth of chaplains become religious leader liaisons in both theatres. 

"Partisan Politics, Financial Deregulation, and the New Gilded Age" (with Nathan J. Kelly). Political Research Quarterly (2015).

Examines how financial deregulation and the partisan underpinnings of deregulation shaped the path of income inequality in the United States.