Erik S. Lovell

PhD Candidate, Northwestern University
Chapter Member: Chicagoland SSN

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Lovell seeks to understand the outcomes and pathways of youth homeless episodes for LGBTQ adults. Lovell discusses that although we know much about the experiences of LGBTQ homeless youth, we know little about how these experiences affect the population as they emerge into adulthood. Lovell studies these pathways, in hopes of uncovering where individuals display agency with the intersection of multiple marginalized positions. Lovell questions who is able to employ different marginalized identities to request specialized support and resources? Who is denied? And how do different institutions and organizations act as brokers in this?

Lovell's previous research spans a breadth of different experiences of marginalization. Lovell has two working papers: first, on the navigation of religious spaces for LGBQ/SSA Mormons and second, on the sociology of suffering.