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Gabriel R. Sanchez

Professor of Political Science, Co-Director of the Institute of Policy and Evaluation Research, and Executive Director of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Center for Health Policy, University of New Mexico
Principal, Latino Decisions

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Sanchez conducts research and teaches in the area of American politics with a specific emphasis on Latino politics, health politics and policy, and New Mexico politics. Professor Sanchez has worked closely with civic organizations such as Common Cause, America’s Voice, United Way of Central New Mexico and the American Civil Liberties Union on research projects and community engagement efforts. He has also offered expert witness testimony and research for several court cases dealing with redistricting and voter identification legislation. A national expert in both Latino and New Mexico politics, Professor Sanchez has provided political commentary to several state, national, and international media outlets.


To Make Sure All Votes Count, New Mexico Needs Open Primary Elections

  • Angelina González-Aller
  • Janelle Johnson

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The Latino Vote in the 2012 Election (Michigan State University Press, forthcoming).
Provides an overview of the vital role that the Latino electorate played in the 2012 election through state-specific analyses provided by many of the nation’s leading experts in Latino politics.
"Linked Fate and Latino Attitudes Regarding Health Care Reform Policy" (with Jillian Medeiros). Social Science Quarterly (forthcoming).
Analyzes the relationship between linked fate, a form of group identity, and attitudes toward health care reform policy. We find that Latinos who have a heightened sense of group identity are more likely to support expanding access to health coverage.
"The Politics of the Health Care Reform Debate: Public Support of Including Undocumented Immigrants and Their Children in Reform Efforts" (with Shannon Sanchez-Youngmann). International Migration Review 47, no. 2 (2013): 442-473.
Analyzes support for including undocumented immigrants in health care reform in New Mexico, and suggests that factors such as liberal ideology and perceptions of commonalities with Latinos increase support levels.
"The Impact of Health Care and Immigration Reform on Latino Support for President Obama and Congress" (with Jillian Medieros and Shannon Snachez-Youngmann). Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences 34, no. 1 (2012): 3-22.
Uses a 2009 Latino Decisions survey to find that the foundations of Latino approval ratings are political in nature, with support for health and immigration policy reform driving support of the current administration.
"The Role of Group Consciousness in Latino Public Opinion" Political Research Quarterly 59, no. 3 (2006): 435-446.

Tests the primary hypothesis that group consciousness has a greater impact on Latino political attitudes across issues that are directly tied to ethnicity than on those that are not; finds that perceived discrimination does motivate public opinion toward both immigration and bilingual education, and collective action toward immigration.