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Hilary Thibodeau

Doctoral Student in Social Work, Washington University in St Louis
Chapter Member: Confluence SSN

About Hilary

Thibodeau's work explores the intersection of substance use, harm reduction, and homelessness through a lens of anti-oppression and antiracism. Her background in direct service with families and homelessness prevention using youth-lead interventions informs her focus on community-based research. Thibodeau is a pre-doctoral fellow in the NIDA TranSTAR program designed explore and innovate prevention treatment and policies related to substance misuse with particular focus on underserved racial, sexual, and gender minority groups.

In the News

Opinion: "How Drug Decriminalization Can Help Solve Maine’s Opioid Epidemic," Hilary Thibodeau, Bangor Daily News, February 11, 2020.
Opinion: "Maine Voices: Adding Barriers to Employment Would Hurt Asylum Seekers, Maine Communities," Hilary Thibodeau, Portland Press Herald, December 28, 2019.
Opinion: "New Immigration Policy Perpetuates Identity-Based Trauma," Hilary Thibodeau, Bangor Daily News, August 29, 2019.