Hilary Thibodeau

Master of Social Work, University of Maine
Chapter Member: Colorado SSN
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Thibodeau's research focuses on social justice within the field of social work. Overarching themes in Thibodeau's writings include the intersection of mental health and policy, systemic and identity based trauma, and trauma associated with immigration processes. Thibodeau is a Master of Social Work Student at the University of Maine and works with those who have recently immigrated to the United States in a variety of settings, including community support, legislative, and clinical environments.

In the News

"How Drug Decriminalization Can Help Solve Maine’s Opioid Epidemic," Hilary Thibodeau, Bangor Daily News, February 11, 2020.
"How drug decriminalization can help solve Maine’s opioid epidemic," Hilary Thibodeau, Bangor Daily News, February 11, 2020.
"Maine Voices: Adding Barriers to Employment Would Hurt Asylum Seekers, Maine Communities," Hilary Thibodeau, Portland Press Herald, December 28, 2019.
"New Immigration Policy Perpetuates Identity-Based Trauma," Hilary Thibodeau, Bangor Daily News, August 29, 2019.