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Hui Pang

Master of Laws (by Research) Candidate 2018, Fudan University; Yale Fox International Fellow 2017-2018, Yale University
Chapter Member: Connecticut SSN
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Pang's research focuses on sustainable development issues within international investment law. The overarching themes in Pang's writings include the relationship between host state's right to regulate and investment promotion, global governance and the policy impacts of international investment agreements. Pang has also engaged in the UN Women Global Partnership for Young Women, a research project under the ministry of foreign affairs on the relationship between international law and domestic law, and other research projects concerning China's food safety law reformations and customs laws.


"The Legal Nature of the Concept of Sustainable Development in International Investment Agreements" Journal of Legal System and Society 18 (2017): 80-81.

Focuses on the legal nature of the concept of sustainable development in international investment agreements by taking a historical prospective on the origination and developments of the concept in international agreements.

"Establishing International Legal Framework for the Promotion and Protection of Investments in 'Belt & Road' Countries" in National Think-Tank Strategic Report, edited by Li He, Li Chen and Bai-Hua Gong (Fudan University Press, 2017).

Addresses the legal framework of foreign investment induced by the "Belt & Road" initiative. Presents the current situation of the bilateral investment treaties concluded between China and the "Belt & Road" countries, and illustrates the level of protection and promotion that the treaties aim to achieve through the doctrinal method. Discusses the current problems existing in these bilateral investment treaties and the proposals to amend them. Discusses the necessity and possibility of establishing a regional investment framework to promote and protect foreign investments among the "Belt & Road" countries.

"Legal Analysis of the Principle of Sustainable Development in International Investment Agreements" Journal of Legal System and Society 36 (2016): 88-90.

Focuses on the legal and policy impact of sustainable development in international investment agreements and the possibility of global governance over public interests relating to foreign investments.

"Analysis of the US Food General Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and the Implications for China" in Food: the Necessity of Life— the Proceedings of the 1st Annual Food Safety Law Forum, edited by Yongmin Cai (Law Press China, 2013), 968-998.

Focuses on the reformation of the Chinese Food Safety Laws, post the poisonous milk and instant formula of Sanlu Company that resulted in the death of 6 babies and the hospitalization of 54,000 babies and infants. Reviews the US reformation of its food safety laws, particularly on how sanitary standards established by corporations evolved into mandatory national policies. Discusses if such transformations could also happen to China, what to avoid during this process, and how a specific genre of regulations could be the starting point of a systematic food safety legal system in China.

"Legal Issues in Viability Gap Funding of Public Private Partnerships" Social Science Front (2017): 36-38.

Deals with the legal issues in public private partnerships regarding the viability gap funding, including the liability of the change of regime, the risk of failed investment and specific obligations of the parties. It also discusses the policy aspect of viability gap funding in in developing countries, which includes the inducement of foreign investments on infrastructure construction and its impact in reducing poverty.