Isaac Jabola-Carolus

PhD Student in Sociology, City University of New York

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About Isaac

Jabola-Carolus researches labor and social movements, urban politics, and participatory democracy. His current projects focus on the development and impacts of participatory budgeting in the U.S., a democratic reform that gives communities direct control over public spending decisions. He is an advisory board member and was formerly a staff member of The Participatory Budgeting Project. He also serves on the Research Board for New York City's participatory budgeting process, and has worked as a Research Analyst with CUNY’s Murphy Institute for Worker Education and Labor Studies.

In the News

"Charting the Future of Participatory Budgeting," Isaac Jabola-Carolus, Occupy.com, June 6, 2013.
"Injecting Democracy into Public Spending," Isaac Jabola-Carolus, Truth-out.org, April 15, 2013.