Jaime Lee headshot

Jaime Alison Lee

Professor of Law; Associate Dean for Experiential Education; Director, Community Development Clinic, University of Baltimore

About Jaime

Lee’s work examines barriers faced by low-income people within contemporary legal systems, analyzes how systems meant to benefit the poor are frequently subverted or distorted, and proposes ways to combat such subversion.

In the News

Interviewed in "Water Justice and the Constituent Empowerment Model," People Places Planet Podcast, September 14, 2022.
Opinion: "Use ARPA Funding To Ensure Water Affordability in Baltimore," Jaime Alison Lee (with Rianna Eckel and Amy Hennen), The Baltimore Sun, March 18, 2022.
Opinion: "Water, Water, (Not) Everywhere," Jaime Alison Lee, University of Baltimore School of Law Magazine, September 15, 2021.
Quoted by Emily Sullivan in "Activists Plead Scott To Follow Promise To Remove Some Homeowners From Tax Sale," WYPR News, April 30, 2021.


"Turning Participation Into Power: A Water Justice Case Study" Environmental Law Reporter 52, no. 8 (2022).

Sets forth a model, now being implemented in Baltimore City, for using public input to reform a governmental agency and make it more responsive to its constituents.

"From Socrates to Selfies: Legal Education and the Metacognitive Revolution" Drexel Law Review (2020).

Identifies metacognitive self-reflection as a strategy for intellectual growth that is profoundly reshaping legal education.

"'Can You Hear Me Now?': Making Participatory Governance Work for the Poor" Harvard Law & Policy Review 7, no. 2 (2013): 405-441.

Identifies core components of systems that promote meaningful (not merely cosmetic) public engagement in the creation and reform of law and policy.