Janet Garcia-Hallett

Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice, University of New Haven
Chapter Member: Connecticut SSN
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Garcia-Hallett's research focuses on the impact of incarceration on communities of color. Overarching themes in Dr. Garcia-Hallett's writings include how mothers of color navigate motherhood post-incarceration, and how their reentry into the community is shaped by mothers’ treatment and experiences at the intersection of gender, motherhood, racial-ethnic background, and criminal record.


The Forgotten Victims of Abortion Bans

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Guest to discuss Explores Stories of Minorities in Prison System on Our Lives, Janet Garcia-Hallett, November 27, 2022.
Interview on Author of Invisible Mothers Janet Garcia-Hallett, UC Press Blog, November 4, 2022.


Invisible Unseen Yet Hypervisible after Incarceration (University of California Press, 2022).

Bases her interviews with African American, Latina, and West Indian mothers throughout New York City about their experiences navigating motherhood after incarceration.

"Gender and (Fictive) Family in a Women’s Post-Incarceration Mentoring Program" The British Journal of Criminology (2021).

Finds that mentors’ enactment of family roles, through language and behaviors of fictive kinship, helped formerly incarcerated women build a support network. Characterizes the women’s fictive kinships was not void of some mentor-mentee separation for their mutual self-interests.

"Maternal Identities and Narratives of Motherhood: A Qualitative Exploration of Women’s Pathways Into and Out of Offending" Feminist Criminology 14, no. 2 (2018).

Demonstrates how motherhood and maternal identities held more significance in some social circumstances, contributing to women’s involvement in the criminal legal system and presenting a variety of challenges in some women’s pathways out of crime.