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Jason A. Smith

Researcher in Public Sociology, George Mason University

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Smith's research focuses on race and media exclusion. Overarching themes in Smith's writing include issues of access and representation for communities of color. Smith has worked previously with organizations such as El Sistema USA and the New America Foundation.


In the News

Guest to discuss racialized organizations on Sociocast, Jason A. Smith, April 17, 2020.
"The AT&T/Time Warner Merger and the Threat to Racial Representation," Jason A. Smith, Sociological Images, November 10, 2016.
"Media is Growing More White. What's the FCC Doing About It?," Jason A. Smith, Colorlines, Race Forward, August 11, 2011.


"MOU or an IOU? Latina/os and the Racialization of Media Policy" (with Randy Abreau). Ethnic and Racial Studies 42, no. 4 (2018): 607-625.

Describes how media mergers undergo a process of racialization to the detriment of Latina/o communities through the policy-making process.

"Learning from a 'Teachable Moment': The Henry Louis Gates Arrest as Media Spectacle and Theorizing Colorblind Racism" in Media and Power in International Contexts: Perspectives on Agency and Identity, edited by Apryl Williams, Ruth Tsuria, and Laura Robinson (Emerald, 2018).

Conducts a case study of local newspapers' coverage of a racialized media spectacle. Finds political ideologies of newspapers reflect colorblind ideologies in distinct ways, with the conservative newspaper highlighting individualistic mechanisms of coverage.

Race and Contention in Twenty-First Century U.S. Media (edited with Bhoomi K. Thakore) (Routledge, 2016).

Describes the media landscape as a space for racial ideologies and practices to persist and be challenged. Offers new evidence to think of the media landscape in more complex ways with regard to race.