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Jessika Bottiani

Assistant Professor of Education, University of Virginia-Main Campus
Chapter Member: Virginia SSN
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Bottiani’s research focuses on structural racism as a cause and consequence of racial disparities in punitive school discipline practices and highlights the need to intervene at multiple levels within school systems. Bottiani develops and tests preventive interventions with a team of researchers and local collaborators in Maryland and Virginia to help build teacher capacities in anti-racist, equity literate, and culturally responsive teaching through several school-level cluster randomized trials funded by NIH, IES, and NIJ. Bottiani serves on the School Psychology Review editorial board. 


Teacher Stress and Burnout in Urban Middle Schools


"A Multilevel Examination of Racial Disparities in High School Discipline: Black and White Adolescents’ Perceived Equity, School Belonging, and Adjustment Problems" (with C. P Bradshaw and T. Mendelson). Journal of Educational Psychology 109, no. 4 (2017): 532–545.

Characterizes schools based on excess suspension of Black students and asked, ‘what message does this differential treatment send to kids about their place in the school?’”.  Finds the discipline gap is tied to negative schooling experiences for Black students, whether they are suspended or not.

"Teacher Stress and Burnout in Urban Middle Schools: Associations With Job Demands, Resources, and Effective Classroom Practices" (with Chelsea A.K. Duran, Elise T.Pas, and Catherine P. Bradshaw). Journal of School Psychology 77 (2019): 36-51.

Discusses how now more than ever, teachers are experiencing tremendous demands on the job, often with insufficient resources to manage them, particularly in urban schools.  Examines how the resulting stress and burnout are unhealthy for teachers and, as this study found, tied to the quality of their instruction.