John Logan

John Logan

Professor of Sociology, Brown University
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Logan's main ongoing research uses contemporary and historical census data to study changes in residential patterns with a particular emphasis on immigrants and racial minorities. One set of studies is taking advantage of recently available 100% census microdata in the period 1880-1940, mapping people’s locations and examining patterns of neighborhood change and racial/ethnic and class segregation. Another set of studies works with the most recent census data. Logan is collaborating with others on research that has been given access to the confidential census files in Research Data Centers, including a unique file that makes it possible to link records for individuals over time. These data allow him to replicate his historical research in the current period.


Additional, Rigorous Evidence that Voter Identification Laws Suppress Voting

  • Jennifer Darrah-Okike
  • Nathalie Rita


"The Suppressive Impacts of Voter Identification Requirements" (with Jennifer Darrah-Okike and Nathalie Rita). Sociological Perspectives (online-first article, 2021).

Presents new evidence that voter ID laws have dampened electoral turnout for voters across racial and ethnic categories (Black, White, Latino, and Asian), with even more negative effects for Latino citizens living in strict ID states.

"Family Ties: Enduring Relations between Parents and Their Grown Children" (with Glenna D. Spitze) (Temple University Press, 1996).

Explores how relationships between parents and their adult children remain strong in the midst of social change.

"Urban Fortunes: The Political Economy of Place" (with Harvey Molotch) (University of California Press, 1987).

Develops a picture of the formative processes creating the contemporary American city, starting from a political economy analysis.