Joli Jensen

Hazel Rogers Professor of Media Studies, University of Tulsa
Chapter Member: Oklahoma SSN
Areas of Expertise:

About Joli

Jensen studies the relationship between media and contemporary culture, with special interest in claims about media influence; beliefs about the arts; and the value of cultural choices. She founded and directs the Henneke Faculty Writing Program at the University of Tulsa, and is the author of Write No Matter What: Advice for Academics (Chicago, 2017) and a series of columns on academic writing in Vitae.  She has started a new TU Public Scholar Initiative, designed to help faculty reach beyond academic audiences. 

In the News

Opinion: "Face It: Your Decks Will Never be Cleared," Joli Jensen, Chronicle of Higher Education, August 29, 2014.
Opinion: "Let’s Not Medicate Away Student Angst," Joli Jensen, Chronicle of Higher Education, June 15, 2003.
Guest on PBS’s “Power of Ideas” , December 20, 2001.


"Fandom as Pathology: The Consequences of Characterization" in McQuail’s Reader in Mass Communication Theory, edited by Denis McQuail (Sage, 2002), 342-354.
Explores the misrepresentation of popular culture fans as deranged and desperate.
"Is Art Good for Us? Beliefs about High Culture in American Life" (Rowman & Littlefield, 2002).
Questions our taken-for-granted assumptions about the transformational power of high culture.
"The Nashville Sound: Authenticity, Commercialization and Country Music" (Vanderbilt, 1998).
Explores how and why we want music to be “authentic,” in relation to concerns about the effects of commerce on culture.
"Redeeming Modernity: Contradictions in Media Criticism" (Sage, 1990).
Analyzes how the media are blamed for the perceived ills of modern life.