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Joshua A. Basseches

PhD Candidate in Sociology, Northwestern University

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Basseches' research focuses on state-level energy and climate policy and politics in the United States. He examines how variation in the membership and institutional design of state legislatures, executive branch agencies, interest group and social movement mobilization, and a host of other factors affect the quality of the policies that states have adopted to address greenhouse gas emissions. He is an active member of a working group of sociologists examining various jurisdictions' experiments with carbon pricing around the globe. In addition, he helps coordinate academic workshops on social movements and policy-relevant sociology at Northwestern, and serves as a research assistant for faculty-led projects examining state-level incarceration policy and business-government relations.

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"It Happened Behind Closed Doors': Legislative Buffering as an Informal Mechanism of Political Mediation" Mobilization: An International Quarterly 24, no. 3 (September 2019): 365-388.

Compares the efforts of social movement organizations to shape two state bills addressing climate change. Examines differences in political context that can create additional obstacles to movement success.