Kevan Q. Malone

Postdoctoral Fellow in the Humanities, Texas Tech University
Former Chapter Fellow, San Diego SSN

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Malone's research focuses on the history of the U.S.-Mexico border. Malone's overarching themes in writings include U.S. border enforcement policy, migration, environmental diplomacy, and binational water management.


In the News

Interviewed in "Conflict and Cooperation at the U.S.-Mexico Border: A Very Short History," (with Sarah Sears) IGCC Blog, May 3, 2023.
Opinion: "San Diego and Tijuana’s Shared Sewage Problem Has a Long History," Kevan Q. Malone, The Washington Post, June 2, 2020.
Opinion: "Chicano Park Is 50 Years Old. Its History Is As Vibrant as Its Murals.," Kevan Q. Malone, The San Diego Union-Tribune, April 23, 2020.
Opinion: "How U.S. Prohibition Transformed Tijuana and Border," Kevan Q. Malone, The San Diego Union-Tribune, January 17, 2020.