Michael Peshkin

Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Northwestern University

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Peshkin's research focuses on the interaction of people with automation. He is an inventor of Cobots, robots that work closely with human workers, and also of methods in image guided surgery and other human-factors-aware technology. Not a wholly different skillset, he has been pursuing a long-running experiment-measure-improve cycle to find how to get students to vote. The "Northwestern method" is now a recognized national benchmark.


How to Help College Students Become Regular Voters

In the News

Opinion: "Cracking the Puzzle of Bringing out the Youth Vote," Michael Peshkin, Inside Higher Education, August 23, 2018.


"Local and Absentee Voter Registration Drives on a College Campus," (with Kim Castle and Janice Levy), The Center for Information & Research on Civic Learning & Engagement, October 2009.

Demonstrates strength of voting follow-through when college students are encouraged to vote in their home states.