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Nolan Kline

Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Rollins College
Chapter Member: Florida SSN
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Kline's research focuses on the health-related consequences of immigration enforcement laws and policies and LGBTQ+ Latinx political mobilization. Kline's overarching themes in writings include racial inequality, policing, intersectionality, and health inequality. Kline serves on the community advisory boards for LGBTQ+ Latinx and farmworker organizations in Central Florida and is part of an interdisciplinary team that provides research reports to Latinx community-based organizations.



"Rethinking COVID-19 Vulnerability: A Call for LGBTQ+ Im/Migrant Health Equity in the United States During and After a Pandemic" Health Equity 4, no. 1 (2020).

Elaborates on how the public health responses to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic have emphasized older adults' vulnerability, but this obfuscates the social and political root causes of health inequity.  Mentions that in order to advance health equity during a novel communicable disease outbreak, public health practitioners must continue to be attentive to social and political circumstances that inform poor health.

"Pathogenic Policy: Immigrant Policing, Fear, and Parallel Medical Systems in the US South" Medical Anthropology Cross-Cultural Studies in Health and Illness 36, no. 4 (2017): 396-410 .

Considers how immigration enforcement laws and police practices result in a shadow medical system for undocumented immigrants.

"Multi-Level Determinants to HPV Vaccination Among Hispanic Farmworker Families in Florida" (with Cheryl A. Vamos, Coralia Vazquez Otero, Elizabeth A. Lockhart, Kristen J. Wells, and Sarah Proctor). Ethnicity & Health (2018).

Outlines that HPV vaccination is the primary prevention method for HPV-related cancers, although among Hispanic populations, migrant farmworkers may experience exacerbated challenges to HPV vaccination due to intersecting political, social, and personal contexts.  Explores multi-level determinants of HPV vaccination among Hispanic migrant farmworker families.

"Disparate Power and Disparate Resources: Collaboration Between Faith-Based and Activists Organizations for Central Florida Farmworkers" Annals of Anthropological Practice 33, no. 1 (2010): 126-142.

Highlights the collaboration between an evangelical faith‐based organization and secular activist organization to address the oral health needs of African American former farmworkers in Central Florida.

"There’s Nowhere I Can Go to Get Help, and I Have Tooth Pain Right Now”: The Oral Health Syndemic Among Migrant Farmworkers in Florida" Annals of Anthropological Practice 36, no. 2 (2013): 387-401.

Explores the syndemic interaction between poverty, food insecurity, and limited access to dental care among migrant farm laborers in Central Florida.

Pathogenic Policing Immigration Enforcement and Health in the U.S. South (Rutgers University Press, 2019).

Discusses Pathogenic Policing and examines the multiple health-related consequences of immigration laws and police practices in the US South, focusing in particular on Atlanta, Georgia.