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Nona Maria Gronert

PhD Candidate in Sociology, University of Wisconsin-Madison

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Gronert’s research focuses on sexual violence and sexual consent in higher education. Gronert investigates how Title IX has impacted universities and how they address sexual violence on campus. Gronert's findings explore how Title IX has transformed universities and reduced other forms of gender discrimination, such as integrating men’s-only schools or increasing funding for women’s sports. Gronert elaborates on how it has had less of an impact on sexual violence in higher education. Gronert continues to show that Even though universities now devote considerable resources to prevent and respond to sexual violence, the incidence of sexual violence has not substantially changed. Gronert investigates how the politics of sexual violence has changed at one large, public university from 1972 through 2017, focusing on activism, policy changes, and legal changes.


In the News

Nona Maria Gronert quoted on public response to campus sexual assault cases, by Lucas Johnson, "Following Sexual Assault Allegations against UW Football Player, Public Response Mirrors a Troubling Trend" The Badger Herald, September 11, 2018.


"Law, Campus Policy, Social Movements, and Sexual Violence: Where Do We Stand in the #MeToo Movement?" Sociology Compass (June 2019).

Argues that sociologists can contribute to public debate and analyze complex social change by studying campus sexual violence. Reviews recent changes in law, policies, and activism on sexual violence at universities.

"Contesting the Terms of Consent: How University Students (Dis)align with Institutional Policy on Sexual Consent" (with Joshua Raclaw). Gender and Language 13, no. 3 (2019): 291-313.

Analyzes how students support or don't support university affirmative consent policies. Finds that students who don't have contact with university policymakers do not support such policies and also are hesitant to voice their lack of support.