Patrick Keegan

Assistant Professor of Education, Purdue University Northwest
Chapter Member: Indiana SSN

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Keegan’s research focuses on youth civic engagement with racially, ethnically and linguistically diverse students. He also works with pre-service elementary social studies teachers to explore their own civic engagements and how this impacts their instructional decision-making. Current projects also include integrating social emotional learning with the preparation of young citizens.



"Critical Affective Civic Literacy: A Framework for Attending to Political Emotion in the Social Studies Classroom" The Journal of Social Studies Research 45, no. 1 (2021): 15-24.

Discusses how heightened political polarization challenges teachers to prepare youth as citizens. Mentions that critical affective civic literacy challenges civic educators to include instructional strategies for educating the political emotions of students.

"Migrant Youth From West African Countries Enacting Affective Citizenship" Theory and Research in Social Education 47, no. 3 (2019): 347-373.

Seeks to better understand how five West African youth attending an urban high school for late-arrival migrants constructed belonging within and across nation-state boundaries. Shows the youth mobilizes emotions, including solidarity and conviviality, in order to constitute themselves as affective citizens.